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We’ve started indexing podcasts. We are doing so by importing metadata from RSS feeds and tagging each episode to the host(s) and the guest(s). Once we collect enough data we will be able to calculate influence of each podcast.

For hosts

You will increase the reach of your podcast.

  • Your podcast episodes will appear on hive.one profiles of hosts & guests
  • Your podcast episodes will show on Twitter cards
  • Your podcast episodes will show in various apps built on our API

For guests

You will get more people to listen to the podcast episodes you appeared on.

  • People who visit your hive.one profile will be able to see which podcasts you appeared on and with whom
  • People using our browser extension will be able to learn about your podcast appearances when interacting with you on Twitter

How to add your podcasts

We are working on an automated approach. However, for now it is manual. If you would like to suggest a podcast, or your podcasts are not showing up on the website correctly, please send us an email to podcasts@hive.one.

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