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The Schnorr/Taproot proposal is now published as BIPs 340, 341, and 342; see https://t.co/33uiulO8RA Note that the assignment of BIP numbers is not any kind of stamp of approval; it just means the process was followed (which includes some amount of public discussion).
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$BCH implementing a 12.5% miner's tax is hilarious and anyone not donating will have their blocks orphaned. Literally a centralized totalitarian regime with a 51% attack threat. "A Hong Kong corporation has been set up to legally accept and disperse funds" https://t.co/UsDIv2yEl4
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Fun fact -- https://t.co/LBQqYzd87b deleted their entire comments section. Including many comments from me, refuting the main point of their articles. All deleted now, you can only find them by looking up my Disqus profile https://t.co/JHsYaoK8Np
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The Year in Ethereum 2019 by me & @evan_van_ness https://t.co/2Fdk9C4KwZ
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The IBM blockchain website is completely full of shit.
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Bisq is now the best way to trade Liquid's confidential asset L-BTC for Bitcoin without KYC and without a trusted third party. Thanks @adam3us @notgrubles for your support listing the first Liquid asset on @bisq_network https://t.co/roZWb7RWE6
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Thread: BCH is soft-forking in a Zcash-style in-protocol developer fund. https://t.co/qtESPalw6C I must say, it has not even been one month and @MarkLutter's "weird 20's" are coming true already.
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Experts agree blockchain tech is better for the thing no one has used it for rather than the only thing it’s been used for https://t.co/Ch7GwzlIFc
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Successful Bitcoin holders have low time preference & judge over extended periods, e.g. risk-adjusted return over 4-year holding periods. If an economist has not researched this strong market signal for explanations of supply & demand, they don't have a useful opinion about it. https://t.co/t8iazHZDxc
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Many folks who think they're supporting an issue online are really just taking direction from Twitter's algorithm. There is an unmistakable stylistic convergence of many different ideologies. What is rewarded is Twitterism.
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Corps run by execs with fat stock packages borrow money from Fed-fed banks for roughly free, buy back stock boosting its price, sell own shares, use proceeds to invest in other such stocks ("diversification"), expect Fed to keep stoking this asset-inflation carousel forever. https://t.co/DjDPRtwOWd
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Capitalism at its best can turn greed into positive-sum societal outcomes. Call this a civilizing structure. Conversely, social media at its worst is a decivilizing structure for pride & wrath. What are the civilizing structures for pride, envy, wrath, lust, sloth, gluttony?
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Use macos and know how to compile C++ code? There are a few bugs (https://t.co/eMUlLdxtUy https://t.co/a9wg8h7qc3 https://t.co/yJvoZuKIgs) that really need your help testing them out! We want to release 0.19.1, but lack of reviews is a problem.
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fun @blockstream green wallet multsig 2fa server doesn't learn liquid transaction types nor amounts, due to Confidential Transactions. via the magic of ZKPs it co-signs & helps 2fa secure without visibity. blinding keys are known to sender & recipient only https://t.co/fBCMQHowCi
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Let’s say you wanted to build a community where all members were real people. Proof-of-human: new applicant meets up in person with an existing known real user. The latter takes a group selfie and signs with a digital signature. A web-of-trust model that mixes online & offline.
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Thread: a geometric interpretation of quadratic voting. Imagine representing a set of decisions on N issues as a point in N-dimensional space.
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Today we learned that Apple dropped its plans to end-to-end encrypt users' iCloud data backups. I've been researching the issue of secure cloud backups recently; here are my recommendations. https://t.co/3kFBC9vE5J
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that time I met Giacomo and Mir at a bitcoin conference https://t.co/lKCXo0TPbg
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If you want the truth, take no one else’s word for it. Accept only science, reason, and direct experience. Start on solid ground. Mind each step.
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Many don't believe that I set up a Bitcoin wallet but never had the password or seed phrase. Erik Voorhees set it up for me over dinner. For some reason Erik let me leave the restaurant without a copy of either. Not sure why. While I had no experience with #Bitcoin he had plenty.
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