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Analytics For Your Crypto Twitter

We will scan the list of the people that you follow and that follow you and we will show you how influential they are in Bitcoin and Crypto.

Your followers ranked by influence

You can see your followers ranked from the most to the least influential. You can sort them based on their rank in sub-clusters, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others.
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Keep track of your influence

Are you becoming more influential? You can find out which community clusters you're gaining influence in. We track these changes daily and provide you with a graph showing these trends as well as raw data for a more in-depth analysis.
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See who followed or unfollowed you recently

Seeing your total follower lists does not give a full picture of how you are doing. That’s the reason we also show you recent changes in your network and help you quickly identify who are the most influential people who just started paying attention to you.
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Weekly email digest

We'll regularly send you an email with the selection of the most important facts about your network. We are trying to design these emails so that you can scan them in 2-3 seconds to get an idea of what’s important.
  • You most influential new follows / unfollows.
  • Total number of new followers / unfollows.
  • Fastest growing & fastest shrinking accounts that follow you.
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